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System Engineer 运维工程师

Job Responsibilities -Responsible for the online deployment and daily operation and maintenance of various application services; -Responsible for the daily monitoring and maintenance of the business system, handle faults in a timely manner and write fault reports to ensure the normal —operation of the business system and emergency response; -Security operation and maintenance system vulnerability […]
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Job Responsibilities: Responsible for app background interface development; Responsible for the front-end and back-end development of the website; Responsible for product architecture improvement and performance optimization; Responsible for the research and development of new products; Learning, research and application of new technologies; Job requirements: Familiar with web development, proficient in PHP development language; Familiar with […]
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Software Engineer ( Front End )

Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the development of the front-end business system; 2. Responsible for front-end maintenance, version iteration, function optimization, etc. of the project; Job requirements: 1. Proficient in HTML, JavaScript and other Web development technologies; 2. Proficient in VUE development framework, familiar with component development; 3. Familiar with various web clients, especially the […]
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Software Engineer (React-Native)

Job Responsibilities: -Responsible for the development of the company’s mobile terminal (React-Native) -Understand the business requirements, closely cooperate with the backend, and jointly debug the interface -Encapsulate React Native components, and be responsible for the integration of Android and iOS clients; -Optimize the quality, performance, and user experience of mobile products, and cooperate with product […]
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HR Senior Executive

岗位职责: -负责各部门缺员招募工作,做好招聘和任用的具体事务性的工作 -负责收集并汇总各个应聘资料、安排好参加面试的人员、跟踪落实面试人员的各方面情况等 -负责招聘渠道开发,人才引进等事宜   任职要求: -中文听说读写无碍; -理解能力强,沟通能力强(会英文者优先) -候选人必须至少拥有管理、工商管理、商业管理、人力资源管理或同等学历的文凭或学位 -具有建设团队和管理团队经验者优先 -胆大心思,外向活泼,有耐心,头脑灵活,服从公司合理安排 -有自己的招聘渠道,一年以上经验者优先录取 -善于沟通,具有亲和力,有耐心责任心,反应灵敏。接受公司统一管理,遵守公司规章制度
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Senior Digital Marketing

Job Responsibilities: 1.Responsible for overseas promotion bidding and data analysis on platforms such as Google, Facebook, TikTok, YouTube, and Kwai. Adjust bidding strategies based on analysis results. Stay updated with advertising policies and ensure compliance with all guidelines and regulations. 2.Monitor the actual performance of advertisements, optimize them in real-time, and propose and implement corresponding […]
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Software Engineer (JAVA)

Job Requirements: ⦁College degree or above in computer, information technology or related majors ⦁Master the Java language, familiar with SpringMvc, Spring boot, Spring Cloud, Mybatis and other frameworks, and familiar with microservice architecture ⦁Solid programming skills, master network protocols, multi-threading, data structure algorithms, distributed development, have good object-oriented analysis, design, development capabilities and ideas, and […]
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Customer Service Officer

Responsibilities: Master strong professional knowledge, control customer needs and emotions, and provide them with high-quality professional services; Answers to questions raised by customers should be polite, enthusiastic and prompt, with clear voice, equal treatment of customers, and patience and meticulousness; Familiar with and master business knowledge, as well as various business operation skills and related […]
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Payment Officer

Responsibilities: Responsible for the withdrawal and deposit of platform customers; Responsible for daily deposit or withdrawal data statistics, sorting out relevant reports and reconciliation; Responsible for doing a good job handover, timely feedback information statistics, analysis and reporting; Requirements: Proficient in listening, speaking and reading Chinese Typing above 40 words per minute in Chinese; No […]
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Operations Manager

Responsibilities: Plan for the company’s product operation, coordinate and supervise the work of the collaboration department Improvement of the website operation process; Manage and provide analysis of game products Optimizing user game experience, and coordinating online and operation matters; Collect and sort out the data generated in the game operation, analyze and optimize, and improve […]
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