Software Engineer ( Front End )

Software Engineer ( Front End )

Job Category: Information Technology
Job Type: Hybrid
Job Location: Project Based

Job Responsibilities:

1. Responsible for the development of the front-end business system;

2. Responsible for front-end maintenance, version iteration, function optimization, etc. of the project;

Job requirements:

1. Proficient in HTML, JavaScript and other Web development technologies;

2. Proficient in VUE development framework, familiar with component development;

3. Familiar with various web clients, especially the development models and features of mainstream mobile browsers;

4. Familiar with the HTTP protocol and understand the basic working principle of TCP/IP;

5. Familiar with commonly used WEB development and debugging tools;

6. Familiar with the use of front-end code packaging tools;

7. Familiar with react framework is preferred.

8.Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Manndarin.





1、精通 HTML、JavaScript 等 Web 开发技术;

2、精通 VUE开发框架,熟悉组件化开发;

3、熟悉各种 Web 客户端,尤其是主流移动端浏览器的开发模式和特性;

4、熟悉 HTTP 协议,了解 TCP/IP 的基本工作原理;

5、熟悉常用 WEB 开发调试工具;



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