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System Engineer 运维工程师

Job Responsibilities -Responsible for the online deployment and daily operation and maintenance of various application services; -Responsible for the daily monitoring and maintenance of the business system, handle faults in a timely manner and write fault reports to ensure the normal —operation of the business system and emergency response; -Security operation and maintenance system vulnerability […]
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Job Responsibilities: Responsible for app background interface development; Responsible for the front-end and back-end development of the website; Responsible for product architecture improvement and performance optimization; Responsible for the research and development of new products; Learning, research and application of new technologies; Job requirements: Familiar with web development, proficient in PHP development language; Familiar with […]
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Software Engineer ( Front End )

Job Responsibilities: 1. Responsible for the development of the front-end business system; 2. Responsible for front-end maintenance, version iteration, function optimization, etc. of the project; Job requirements: 1. Proficient in HTML, JavaScript and other Web development technologies; 2. Proficient in VUE development framework, familiar with component development; 3. Familiar with various web clients, especially the […]
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Software Engineer (React-Native)

Job Responsibilities: -Responsible for the development of the company’s mobile terminal (React-Native) -Understand the business requirements, closely cooperate with the backend, and jointly debug the interface -Encapsulate React Native components, and be responsible for the integration of Android and iOS clients; -Optimize the quality, performance, and user experience of mobile products, and cooperate with product […]
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Software Engineer (JAVA)

Job Requirements: ⦁College degree or above in computer, information technology or related majors ⦁Master the Java language, familiar with SpringMvc, Spring boot, Spring Cloud, Mybatis and other frameworks, and familiar with microservice architecture ⦁Solid programming skills, master network protocols, multi-threading, data structure algorithms, distributed development, have good object-oriented analysis, design, development capabilities and ideas, and […]
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