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Customer Service Officer

Responsibilities: Master strong professional knowledge, control customer needs and emotions, and provide them with high-quality professional services; Answers to questions raised by customers should be polite, enthusiastic and prompt, with clear voice, equal treatment of customers, and patience and meticulousness; Familiar with and master business knowledge, as well as various business operation skills and related […]
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Payment Officer

Responsibilities: Responsible for the withdrawal and deposit of platform customers; Responsible for daily deposit or withdrawal data statistics, sorting out relevant reports and reconciliation; Responsible for doing a good job handover, timely feedback information statistics, analysis and reporting; Requirements: Proficient in listening, speaking and reading Chinese Typing above 40 words per minute in Chinese; No […]
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Operations Manager

Responsibilities: Plan for the company‚Äôs product operation, coordinate and supervise the work of the collaboration department Improvement of the website operation process; Manage and provide analysis of game products Optimizing user game experience, and coordinating online and operation matters; Collect and sort out the data generated in the game operation, analyze and optimize, and improve […]
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